Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I really like this one because it is a typewriter style but also looks really scratchy, which is two looks we want to achieve in our titles. It is very simple and also very legible.

I like this but I think it looks very generic typewriter style and has most likely been used for titles in other films. Also, i think the letters are too rounded, which give a less scary feeling.

I like this becuase the letters are at different heights and they look quite childish. The ink splatters also add a frantic feel.

I think this lettering is good because it is very scratchy. It does not fit in with the typewriter theme but i don't think that this matters too much. Also, it is very legible.

This font isn't scratchy, or in a typewriter style, but i think it is quite appropriate and i do quite like it. The only problem i see is that the lines are very thin which may effect legibilty.

I like the way this looks as though it may have been written in paint or even blood, however I don't think that fits with the style of our film, so i'm not sure about this one. I also don't like the italics, but i do like the handwritten style.

I really like the handwritten style of this but i think it is definately too fancy and completely moving away from the typewriter theme so I don't think it is necessarily right for our titles.

I quite like this becuase of it's illegibility and its very handwritten style, but i'm not sure whether that would put a veiwer off, if it was difficult to read the titles.

I will have to consult the group.

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