Friday, 26 March 2010

Last Session Before Easter

During this session we decided to clear up the transition between shots and try to make the opening flow a little better. Firstly we re-arranged the montage clips, changed the length of some of them and added music over this section. I also experimented with effects on the montage clips, changing the contrast, exposure and colours. We didn't want the shots to look too horror movie or sci-fi so we kept the colours true to life, only exaggerated slightly more. We are pleased with the montage now and it definately flows much better now.

We also decided the the opening shots at the door location should be in black and white, rather than an evening effect, as in our research we decided that the whole group would like to experiment with mixing black and white with colour. We also think that as this scene is different from the rest of the opening, and could be seen as a flashback, the black and white is definately appropriate.

After Easter, we would like some teacher feedback. We also need to record audio footage to put over the door scene.

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