Thursday, 18 March 2010

Filming Session Three

Today we managed to film the last few shots of our opening, slightly behind schedule due to illness and not being able to book a camera out, the short delay hasn't effected anything.

Shots we filmed today:
Shot No.7 - the back of the villains head
Shot No.11 - the frantic rummaging of photographs
Shot No.12 - the villains hands tapping on a table
Shot No.13 - blade cutting a picture
Shot No.19 - slamming a police badge down on the table

For these shots we realised we didnt need the exact location of the basement, and that we could do it in a darkened room at school. We thought we would experiment filming there and if it was unconvincing we could rerecord at the correct location at a later date. Shooting went well. We darkened the classroom and used a cool lamp shining on the table from the side, acting as a table lamp.
Shot No.7 was difficult as we didnt want to include the rest of the room in the shot. We achieved this by shining the light on the desk in front of the villain, creating a black silhouette of the figure, with darkness around. We shot this a few times and will select one during editting.
Shot No. 11 we did this shot a few times from different angles and used different actions. One shot which was a particular favourite in the group was a shot where Lewis, our actor, rummaged through the photos picking out just one and looking at it closely. When we were filming this shot we also filming a few more shots that we thought we could put into the montage, such as the ripping of pictures and the ripped up peices of photograph being dropped and landing on the table. This extra material will make the montage longer and more varied.
Shot No.12 we shot this a few times also, one of the shots was an extreme close up, so close that it is difficult to tell what is tapping on the table. We were inspired by the extreme close-ups in the montage of the film Se7en and we wanted to create the uneasy feeling before working out what the object actually is.
Shot No. 13 was at first difficult because we couldn't remove the blade from a pencil sharpener as it was too tight! We asked several people. Instead I went to design and borrowed a pen knife, which we decided would work just as well. We took this shot from several angles also, including close-ups and zooming in and out.
Shot No. 19 we decided that this shot needed the sound of the metal badge hitting the table, in our other shots the ambient noise would be muted in editting. Therefore we had to ask for silence in the room. We took this shot once and after watching it we were very pleased with it, so didn't shoot again.

We are now confident that all filming is finished and we can begin to add sound and titles to our opening, after editting todays footage.

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