Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Shooting Schedule

As a group we have decided to shoot on the days:
Monday 8th March
Wednesday 10th March
Monday 15th March
as we have decided it should take this long to film. All of our filming will be done in the evening as this is when the opening of Anonimity is set. This should go to plan unless, our actors cannot make these days, the weather is bad, or we cannot book a video camera.

We have two out of three locations.
The montage location:

A disused outhouse in my house so there is always access, nothing can be damaged and pictures can be stuck on the wall.

The canal location is sorted. I have not seen it but a member in the group has a relative who's garden backs onto a canal. He may shoot this himself.

The location for the colleagues leaving the police station is still unknown as we do not want an area full of pedestrians. We are considering using our school in the evening for this scene.

Any lessons at school or sessions after school will be used for editting, as all our filming is to be done in the evening.

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