Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Editing Session One

A double lesson today gave us time to edit the shots filmed yesterday.

We chose to use two lurking shots, one from the behind the trees which was filmed without a tripod so is jaunty. We wanted this style as it is a point of view shot. We also chose to use a shot from behind a wall, which peeks around a corner at the same door. We decided to film this shot on location as it made a change from the shots through the trees. It also looks as though the person watching the door is more desperate, and may have watched on several occasions.
The tracking shots of the actors were shot quickly, as we had already experimented with these shots during planning. We shot each shot twice.

During editing we realised the shots were quite long, so we had to shorten them slightly, however we wanted these shots to be the longest shots of the opening, to create contrast between this section and the montage. We removed all sound from the clips as there was muffled conversation in the background. We would like to add an ambient style non-diegetic sound over this section, perhaps a wind sound.

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