Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Production Company Logos

In every film opening, there is always a screen at the beginning with the production company logo across. We would like to production company logo to put at the beginning of our film. Before creating this I will analyse a few existing logos.

Very very simple. Usually the "i" is a light which actually moves around during the shot and ends up inbetween the "p" and "x". In the logo shown there is a wall e where the "r" should be, this isn't usually there. I like the simplicity of the text and the light as a letter. This logo really fits in with the animation theme of the company, however we would like our logo to be more thriller based.

The font on here is very square and bold, it does not really suggest any genre of film, and the font is quite outdated. The little boy sitting on the moon is the logo and this suggests fairytales and a childish theme. We obviously do not want to take this approach in our logo. The background is animated and colourful, unlike normal titles, which are a black screen with logo. I quite like the picture in the background as goes against many other production logos, however our picture would be very different.

This production logo is very typical, with a black screen. It is very simple and then the square white font shows up well on the bacground. The simple circle logo is quite boring but memorable because it is so simple. We would either go down the simple black screen route with one image and the font, or a simple font on a picture background.

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