Monday, 8 March 2010

Filming Part One

The plan for filming today:

Shot No.2 - lurking behind trees, no tripod with zoom on nearby door.
Shot No.3 - Closer shot of same door, still lurking and no tripod
Shot No.4 - Door opening, low angle shot from right next to door, as experimented previously
Shot No.5 - Tracking shot of footsteps to allow dialogue, which will be recorded during editing.

Our plan was to record in the evening, as the storyline of two detectives leaving work would have required evening light. However, actors pulled out of after school filming at the last minute, so as we had booked the camera out we decided to record in the a free period in the afternoon, deciding we could add possible effects the shots to give an evening light, or re-record at a later date if this filming was not right.

As the actors didn't have correct clothes on, we had to get creative. We asked an actor to take part purely based on his shoes, as we thought he looked mature! And another already agreed actor had a trench style coat which was fine. If the recording would have gone to plan in the evening, the actors would have had correct costumes. In hindsight we perhaps shouldn't have rushed into filming as the costumes, location and light were not perfect, however we are on a strict shooting schedule so took the chance.

All shooting went well and we mostly stuck the storyboard. The filming was finished quickly today.

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