Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Filming Part Two

Today, Jenna and I filmed some of the montage shots at the basement style location.
The shots which we filmed were:
Shot No.10 - close-up of fingers tapping on a typewriter
Shot No. 18 - water running into sink
Shot No.21 - typewriter medium shot
Shot No. 23 - pictures on the wall

We also decided to film other shots at the location to put into the montage. These were a saw hanging on the wall, dark sky and trees, footsteps in the darkness and a match being lit.
These were purely experimental and may or may not be used, we will decide during editing. In the match shot, we lit the match in a doorway to outside, so little damage could be done to possessions, and made sure the camera was zoomed in rather than close to the match to avoid damage to the camera or cameraperson. The match was lit at arms length.

When we arrived at our location, we realised that the overhead light was no longer working, so we experimented with torches and candlelight to create low lighting. We were especially pleased with the shot of the tap running in candlelight as the flame flickered and created an uneasy light, with shadows. We took shot no.23 multiple times to experiment with zooming into the pictures and the speed of moving the camera across the pictures. Shot no.s 10 and 21 were difficult as the typewriter did not work, so we decided to use these as short montage shots, rather than a means of showing the film title. We will experiment with this in editing.

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