Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Shot No.1 - Black Screen
We wish to open on a black screen as many films analysed in research use this and we liked this technique. The production company, which we may design ourselves, will be on this screen. This will fade out. Non-diegetic music - the sound of wind as the next shot is outside in the evening. This shot will fade out.

Shot No.2

Point of Veiw shot. We want to give a lurky, suspicious feeling, because the main character is always under the noses of the police. The lighting will be quite dark as it is evening, but we don't mind this. Not all will be visible due to shadows, we quite like this as it gives an uneasy feeling. The picture is obviously taken in the day though. There will be no dialogue in this, however the non-diegetic sound of wind will carry on in this shot. Due to last about five seconds.

Shot No.3

Point of veiw shot. Probably from the same place as before, only zoomed in on something, possibly a window or door, as if through the eyes of a stalker. Slightly louder non-diegetic sound now.

Shot No.4

This shot will mainly show just a door, it will not be a point of veiw shot any longer. The wind sound will be much quieter now, possibly only diegetic sound present now. This shot will be very short, just a few seconds, to establish the building in focus, which is actually a police station, the part where detectives work. Towards the end of the shot, two characters (colleagues of the main character) exit the building mid conversation, which is quiet and not necessarily supposed to be heard that well. This photograph is taken straight on, however it would be nice to experiment with a low angle shot.

Shot No.5

A low angle close up of the walking feet of the colleagues exiting the building. This shot is mainly so that dialogue can be heard. This is the only dialogue in the opening, as audience research revealed little dialogue creates more tension. This shot will be longer than shot 4 and will pan in the direction of the footsteps. Possibly about 5 seconds.
Dialogue, something along the lines of:
Colleague 1: i just don't know what to think anymore.
Colleague 2: never had a case like it.
Colleague 1: he's just always one step ahead.

Shot No.6 - Black Screen
Titles of directors. Lasting about three seconds. The group has ideas for typography, preferably typewriter style. To fade in and out quickly.

Shot No.7

Over the shoulder shot. We hope to use a dark, basement-like room for the setting. We want the lighting to show the figure and the figure only, as the walls of the room will be revealed later in the opening, also to create a feeling of unease. This shot will very short, and the sound of loud breathing will possibly be played over this shot, and the quiet again for the next shot, another black screen. The man will be wearing a jacket and possibly a hat.

Shot No.8 - Black screen
We want actors names on this screen, but i think it would be more effective if this screen had no titles, as this would be unexpected. I think other titles should be revealed in the montage. This will be around 3 seconds long, with no sound. The silence will be unnerving compared to the heavy breathing previously.

The montage will be set in our decided location, a disused barn/stable room, which will be shot to look like an underground basement, unknown to anyone else. The room will be very dark with just one light shining on the object in the shot. We have not decided whether or not to have this section in black and white, or maybe just the canal shots. We will experiment with this when editting.

Shot No.9

In the film, the floor will be old dusty cobbles and the picture will be in a more old fashioned frame. The glass covering the picture will be smashed to look like a fight had occured or a moment of anger from the main character. This shot will last one to two seconds. At the beginning of this shot, non-diegetic music will start. The audience researched shows that orchestral music is more popular in thrillers, however the group will have to agree to this and we will find the appropriate music. Also, at the beginning of this shot, a short broken glass noise will sound.

Shot No.10

We want to use a close up of an object making a loud sound in this shot, an unexpected noise. The extreme close-up will make the veiwer uneasy and maybe not realise what is in the shot straight away. We thought about using a typewriter, who's buttons are being frantically pressed. We also thought about a close-up of a match being struck in the dark, however there are safety issues with this. This shot will be one second long, possibly less.

Shot No.11

A medium close-up of the main character rummaging through newspapers and photos on the floor. Some of the photos are drawn on or torn, to show desperation or plotting. Again, this shot will last only a second and the noise of the rummaging will sound alongside the non-diegetic music.

Shot No.12

A close-up of the main characters hand tapping on the table. The table will not be blue, it will be wooden. We hope to show franticness, by having typing on the typewriter, to rumaging on the floor, to back to sitting at the desk. The main character has clearly run out of ideas in this shot, or is plotting. The light will be very dark, with one light shining about the hand, as if it is coming from a table lamp. This shot will last two to three seconds.

Shot No.13

A close-up of a blade cutting through a picture, to show hatred. This shot will be very short, one to two seconds long. Really, we would like to have a blade, possibly out of a pencil sharpener, as it would look weirder, and a few short scrathes will be as long as this shot will be. We were inspired by the film Se7en for this shot, however we will not be cutting flesh! Again, the same desk lighting as before.


Shot No.14

A long shot of a canal, not a brook which i used for this picture, as i had no access to the actual location. The lighting will be ambient, and the location will be shot in the evening. We want ambient sound also, like the sound of wind of distant traffic. This shot will last two to three seconds. This shot is to establish the new location.

Shot No.15

A medium long shot of the land next to the canal, from the other side of the canal, possibly through trees as a point of view shot, depending on the location which i haven't seen yet. A man will enter this shot, wearing a long coat and hat. He will be dragging what looks like a body bag. We would like this shot to look cut quickly through as if on cctv camera tape. This shot will last three to four seconds long.

Shot No.16

A slightly closer shot of the man dragging the body. Same info as before, only the shot will be shorter, one to two seconds long. Only ambient sound in these shots.

Shot No.17

This is a close-up of the canal water, zoomed in. During this shot, a rock will be thrown into the canal, but not in veiw of the shot. This is so we don't cause any unneccessary confusion or distress to the public, who may think the body bag is real or see it in the canal in the future. Also, we like the idea of the ripples that will shoot across our shot. The rock thrown in the canal will cause the splashing sound. This shot will be three to four seconds long.


Shot No. 18

A medium close-up overhead shot of a sink with running water. We want to add food colouring to the sink to look as though someone has washed blood off their hands. This shot will last one second long and will be in the montage location of the basement style room. The music starts again in this shot and we want the sound of the running water to be loud, to make the veiwers jump.

Shot No.19

The main character takes off his police badge and slams it on the table. Badge is not used in the photo as it has been bought on ebay and hasn't arrived yet. This shot will last one second only, and will track the movement of the arm taking off the badge, which may reveal the main characters face or some of it for the first time. This will be a medium close-up and the light will come from one side of the person onto the body.

Shot No.20

A close up of the main character sliding the photograph out of the broken frame. This will be a shot from the side. This will last one second or less. All the shots now are very short to create tension. The light will come from the direction of the camera and the camera will be static. The sound of the paper and glass moving will play alongside the non-diegetic music.

Shot No. 21

This is a medium close-up from in front of the typewriter. This shot may have to be from a higher angle as hands are going to be typing on the typewriter and the person typing may get in the way of the camera. The person will slowly type out "Anomity" followed by a fullstop which will be right at the end of this shot, almost cut off. There will be a sound bridge of ambient sound to the next shot. The sound of the typewriter key pressing "." will be where the non-diegetic music ends. This shot will last as long as the word takes to type, probably three or four seconds long. The light will come from above the typewriter, to show the letters typed.

Shot No.22 - Black screen

This shot will be silent apart from maybe an echo of the typewriter key from the previous shot. Two to three seconds, the sound of a torch being switched on will sound. This shot will last around four seconds. There will be no titles.

Shot No.23

This shot be very dark at the beginning. We will achieve this by turning off all lights. The torch will flick on and the these photographs on the wall will be illuminated. The torch will move slowly across the pictures and will fade out at the end. The shot will last around four seconds. The only lighting in this shot will come from the torch shining in the direction of the camera in front of the pictures. In the film there will be more pictures and i will print them off on gloss paper to make them look more realistic. I would also like newspaper cuttings and headlines among these images and for some of the images to be circled or scribbled out. The only sound in this clip will be heavy breathing, which we may record, or download from freesound.com.

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