Thursday, 25 March 2010

Final Cut

In todays session the group experimented with the programme Final Cut! We wanted to create different title fonts to the apple iMovie selected fonts. This was very successful. After looking at several informative websites and getting a feel for the programme we worked out how to make a black screen, choose one of the Final Cut fonts, and export the clip back to iMovie. We were pleased with the title fonts. We also needed a font for the film title, as we could not film a typewriter typing it due to a broken typewriter! We decided that the font needed to still look like a typewriter, due to this element in the montage, and we found a font that was suitable. The fonts still weren't as good as the fonts we found in research but as we cannot put these fonts onto our opening, we will have to settle with this. We also found a transition for the fonts to come onto the screen one by one. We instantly thought that this could look like a typewriter if we matched a clicking sound with the letters appearing. After searching on we found an appropriate sound and dragged the sound under the clip in the correct place. We were very pleased with this when we watched it back!

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