Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Editting Session Three

Today we had a double lesson to cut the latest footage. We selected each clip and decided on the appropriate time for each shot. We want the montage to be fast paced and lots of images flashing up so the shots are very short. We put the montage shots into the order of the storyboard adding the extra shots we filmed on location. We watched the montage and all decided bits of it didn't flow at all, but it was the end of the lesson and we decided to start with this next session.

We also attempted to add titles to our opening today. We want to add four short black screens towards the beginning, before the montage. One for "produced and directed by" and then one for each of our names. We would also like the put the title of the film on a black screen before Shot No.23. We worked out how to do this, but when selecting fonts from the apple mac, we realised that out of the limited selection of fonts available, there was nothing that suited our film. We are really disappointed that we cannot use the fonts we have found during research and that we may have to use a simple font that non of us like. This is a problem that we need to address.

During storyboarding we decided that we would like to have a non diegetic breathing sound during Shot No.23 to add atmosphere. During this session we looked on freesound and found two breathing sounds. We put them both in turn over this shot on made a group decision on one. We still don't think this one is perfect because it doesn't sound particularly masculine but as we cannot find anything else we may have to address this at a later date, to avoid time being wasted.

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