Thursday, 4 February 2010

Initial Planning

We have decided to have one main character in our opening, and discussed this character as a group.


- A middle aged man, with a wife and children, hinted at through photographs in the opening sequence.

- He has worked for the Police Force for twenty years and has a very high up status, such as detective. He knows the ins and outs of catching a criminal, and how a criminal would normally act. Also, his knowledge of a detectives work makes him a perfect candidate for a criminal who can get away with anything.

- He is very clever and highly respected in the police force, making him an unlikely suspect to other officers.

- The first shot shows men coming out of the police station, discussing a recent murder or abduction. The main character should be present in this scene, to use the hallmark that the killer is right under the polices nose, often used in other thrillers.

- This scene is followed by the main character in his office, with no dialogue, which is then followed by a montage.

- The montage will include shots of photographs with scribbled out faces, inspired by The Ring, close ups of objects related to planning crimes and a basement or secret room with photographs on the wall.

- We would like to set the film in the 1970's, which goes against the thriller convention as not many thrillers are set in the past, we will portray this through props and the characters way of life.

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