Thursday, 11 February 2010

Audience Research

To find out what kind of things the audience of 15 - 24 year olds wanted in a thriller i created a survey and asked a few people.

The questions i asked were...
1. If a thriller was advertised, what elements would attract you to watch it?
a) a believable storyline?
b) a big cast and complex storyline?
c) paranormal characters and storyline?

2. What kind of music do you prefer in a thriller?
a) modern electronically created music?
b) orchestral music?
c) don't mind?

3. Do you prefer lots of dialogue in a film opening or little dialogue?
a) little because it makes me want to find out more?
b) lots because i like to know what's going on?
c) depends what kind of thriller it is?

4. Which are your favourite kind of thrillers?
a) action?
b) police/crime?
c) sci-fi/paranormal?
d) gangster?

5. As a young audience, would black and white filming put you off a film?
a) yes, why?
b) no

- Believable storylines are more important
- Orchestral music, which surprised me with this audience, thinking they would opt for modern electronically created music, such as percussive sounds or layered sounds and voices.
- little dialogue, i agree with this, i think dialogue would spoil an intense opening. I don't think it creates a thriller feel, such as LA Confidential. Little dialogue leaves the viewer wanting to know more.
- action thriller, police/crime a close second
- black and white is acceptable, but a popular answer for a was that the audience find it boring. Something that could be changed if we decided to use black and white, by fast paced editing and themes which would appeal to this audience, such as violence or drugs.
- Paranormal themes collected just a few results, which surprised me due to the large amount paranormal thriller releases recently (The Daybreakers, Paranormal Activity) but it seems the old fashion believable storyline still reigns supreme. I found these results very interesting, some surprising, which is good because it will help us make the right decisions when we make our film opening. I am glad we haven't started planning to make a paranormal based film!

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