Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Initial Ideas

A brief meeting today with the group brought our ideas together for how we would like the film opening to go, just to make sure we were on the same wavelength.
We came up for some ideas:
- We agreed that we would like our film to be Certificate 15, to appeal to the age group with the highest number of cinema goers, 16-24. This means that the film should be fast paced and exciting, to keep the young audience from boredom.
- We decided that young actors that we take on should be given fairly easy roles, as they are not experienced and may not take the genre seriously. Also, inexperienced actors and their dialogue can sometimes sounds weak.
- We are interested in using flashbacks, inspired by Double Indemnity, only we want ours to be short and without narration.
- We are also interested in using some or all black and white filming, also inspired by Double Indemnity, because we really like the idea of low key lighting creating mysterious shadows and a sense of thrill. We are considering using black and white for just flashbacks, but we are tempted to for the whole film.
- We want the titles to be on both a black background and on the film itself, and we are interesting in using either ransom note style lettering or the scratchy lettering used in Se7en.
- We would like to play around when editing with the pace of shots and using fast forward.
- We want the beginning to be an establishing shot of the setting and introduction of main character, creating mystery by not showing his face and hinting at elements of his life. This will be followed by a montage of shots that together suggest at planning a conspiracy or murder, we would like the setting to be a basement.

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