Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Audience Feedback

To find out some other opinions of our film opening to help with our evaluation and contrast to our biased opinions, we decided to show students in our media class our work. A large majority of the feedback was positive, which pleased us. The main points we picked up on were the students noticed the thriller conventions we tried to reflect in our film, such as the lurking point of veiw shot, which the students said builds tension and makes them want to find out more. The students enjoyed our use of sound, which was interesting as we felt we had taken a risk using a more original sound over the montage, compared to the usual fast paced percussive music which may have been used to build tension. The students picked up on the volume and tone of the sound become louder and deeper as the plot builds tension and they enjoyed this. They agreed that the fast pace of the montage and close-up shots also builds suspence, as well as flowing well as a visual peice. Some students however commented that they would have preferred to have seen the faces of the police detectives during the first scene. This made us think about whether we made the right decision to film the lower parts of their bodies. After a discussion within our group we decided that we are glad we filmed it this way, as we wanted to create Anonymity (obviously) and also not focus on the characters too much in the opening, so not all information is given away in the first two minutes of the film.

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