Thursday, 15 April 2010

And More Titles

After taking Nanettes advice for adding more titles, we added in the names of our two actors, using Final Cut again so we could use our chosen font. After watching the opening we today decided that we needed many more. We checked back in our research and realised that we needed titles of
-sound, who made it or where did we get it from
-costumes and make-up
-"written by"
- we also realised that the last title of a film opening is always the director

This annoyed us somewhat, as we were happy with the flow of our film and thought that more titles may clutter the montage. We were also very happy with our ending, with the film name title just before the last shot. We therefore had to re-think the placement of all titles.

Although we previously discussed that we didn't want to split mine, jenna, and lewis' names into select roles in the titles as we had all worked equally in editting, filming and planning, we decided that for the aesthetic of the film this needed to be done. We randomly picked the roles, also adding in other names for other film crew titles.
We did not however manage to add in "directed by Lewis Ridings", the last title, in time. Tomorrow is the deadline, so we will add this in tomorrows lesson. We are happy with the rest of the opening.

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